Wholesale Fashion Dress Ning Xia Zi this look

Wholesale Fashion Dress Ning Xia Zi this look

off, still busy in the kitchen, they also obviously a bit shocked. But Qin Ma did not ask anything clever. Just smiling and back out to space Yu Chen left off. It seems that more and more busy after Guan Yu Chen, this villa even has Lingmai Mai but has gradually fallen into quiet and solitude before among Ling Maimai if less, the number of Chen Guan Yu back less. Qin anxious mom did not know how many times. Now the sight of Yu Chen, the kind of worry is relieved down. She said that those reports are nonsense, Guan Yu Chen Ling Maimai mind absolutely only one person. “Little lady, this is early in the morning to the young master you do, you have to eat a little. Master said, this is you like to eat.” Qin Ma saw Ling Maimai sat down, and immediately Interface said. “Well.” Ling Maimai’s apparent appetite much better. Guan Yu Chen always smiling at Ling Maimai, eating breakfast with her. After Qin mom nagging over, immediately back out, did not bother the two, the space reserved for the two separate. Qin mother.Limited Dak Prescott Jersey knew, Ling Maimai certainly much to Chen and Guan Yu said. She was still there, they just can not help but not too TIPS up. Moreover, Ling Maimai is thin-skinned people, in their own words, she is impossible to say anything. Half an hour later, they ended the breakfast, leaning Chen Guan Yu Ling Maimai stood up. Qin Ma This fast pack up the dishes on the table. “Do not leaning on me, I’m not fragile.” Lingmai Mai Jiao Chen said. “I love you so leaning.” Guan Yu Chen also said very directly. Then two of them so each one has a villa outside toward the left to go, so scattershot accompanied Ling Maimai purposes walking on Villa Road. The morning air is fresh, so Ling Maimai involuntary deep breath. “Do you like it here” Guan Yu Chen asked thoughtfully. “Yes ah. This is a high point g of the city. You can see the whole city landscape g. But here is the rich area, all villa, at the foot of the mou.Game Dak Prescott Jersey ntain was basically stopped coming, naturally, it was impossible to come over I also found it very unintentionally. ”
ng Maimai bucket and so out of the mouth. “Impossible!” Said Ling Maimai firm, “because your mouth and Ah Chen, like annoying! People every time gas hopping!” “……” This time, Ning Xia Zi mouth twitched. He Bah, who Nima to belly black, and that old fox, he is the sun pretty boys, okay “And I do not want to go along the cliff it Still doing here” Ling Maimai stare Ning Xia Zi one, quickly asked. “Yes, sir Her Majesty the Queen, to the small.” Zi Xia Ning immediately answered a God, and then against Ling Maimai curtsey. Then, Ning Xia Zi Ling Maimai so follow the pace, and walked toward the outside the villa. Ning Xia Zi Ling Maimai just leave the side of the trunk, did not deliberately keep their distance, eyes that looked slightly around the one to confirm no problem, his ex. Authentic Jerseys www.artsshirt.com xpression was relaxed slightly down. Ning Xia Zi Ling Maimai did not notice the action, but shut down yesterday Yu Chen stay with their own through the plank walked. It seems that every step, in the sweet memories of yesterday. “One is, you want to see Chen Guan Yu, anthomaniac it.” Ning Xia Zi Ling Maimai at a glance little mind. “Zi Xia Ning, you can not say something nice” Ling Maimai snappily stare back of the eye Xia Zi Ning. “You see, the idea of being pierced my heart.” “Hey……” “Well good pull, Chen Guan Yu unparalleled in the world, universally invincible. I do, so it quietly with you, along with a good meditation.” “……” Xia Zi Ling Maimai dumbfounding looked really rather do a meditation movement, against his then pulls a face. “Zi Xia Ning, you are really busy.” Ling Maimai made conclusions. Ning Xia Zi had a chance to speak, at this time, Ling Maimai phone suddenly rang. “Guan Yu Chen is certainly not.” Zi Xia Ning said sure. Ling Maimai eyes stare Ning Xia Zi, this look to the phone, watching the strange number, Ling Maimai brow screwed up. Ning Xia Zi Ling Maimai found expression wrong, immediately stepped forward. But Ling Maimai already pick up the phone. “Hello.” Ling Maimai confused spoke up, “Who are you” “Hello

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