Fashion Clothes Wholesale good foundation

Fashion Clothes Wholesale good foundation

e the facts, okay” Ling Maimai rolled his eyes, he said. “I do not think.” “What are you comfort me” Ling Maimai eyebrow asked. “I need to comfort you” “……” in front of so decent atmosphere how instant it is so “Fast asleep!” Guan Yu Chen ended the conversation. Before, when you were pregnant Ling Maimai, very awkward Chen Guan Yu asked Gu Meng, the mood will be like a woman pregnant. Gu Meng is also very straightforward to tell Guan Yu Chen, vexatious, a little on, nothing had imagined, and almost neuropathy. So, after Guan Yu Chen was so letting reporters to follow their own, just to avoid all the things to avoid. In order to prevent Ling Maimai even bored, he Ning Xia Zi are no longer blocked. “You see, you’re too me, otherwise, why do not you hold me” Ling Maimai This time is really a ton of bricks. “Wife ……” Guan Yu Chen’s voice dragged a long, helpless. “You say ah!” Ling Maimai cry expression face fast. Guan Yu Chen Long once again hand over fishing Ling Maimai, helpless saying: “I.Limited Dak Prescott Jersey hold you, I’m afraid I could not hurt you!” This, said very directly. A finished, immediately Lingmai Mai’s face is red again. She is not a girl to be when the mother who will not know how Guan Yu Chen the meaning of words. The next second, she immediately Huddled under their own re-buried in the yard. Joke, Guan Yu Chen so directly, she did not learn how, even now there is no! This tortoise-like move, immediately turn off the exchange Yu Chen chuckle. Such a chuckle make an Lingmai Mai blood straight forehead, subconsciously, she suddenly stood up from the yard, even so throwing himself off Yu Chen. “Ling Maimai, you’re pregnant!” Guan Yu Chen roared. This woman is like how Anywhere you scared yourself What time can allow himself not so worried about She did not know she was pregnant it So rush over She had in front of her just a balloon it “Of course I know.” Ling Maimai voice more than .Game Dak Prescott Jersey hint of the unexpected Jiaochen. “……” Guan Yu Chen Wei Zheng next, Ling Maimai first did not know what to
, Guan Yu Ling Wei Chen will choose instead of Watson himself. “The way it is ……” Ling Maimai quickly what had happened before, concise said Yu Chen listen to the customs. Guan Yu Chen frowned up. He did not think that some people would be so Xu find on Ling Maimai, and Xu Zheng Xu even the property to the Lingmai Mai. Before the death of Xu Zheng, secretary Xu Zheng’s secrets to pass, he did not refuse, met this man, naturally, he knew what he wanted, but at the time he directly refused. Because he did not want anything to do Xu Ling Maimai and relationships. Schiff base in the United States is good, but no matter how good is a small group. Even a subsidiary Kwan can not match, let alone anything else. These things, Guan Yu Chen can not see in the eyes, did not it time to receive. Authentic Jerseys Tsui. As a result, Xu Zheng even with this method of finding the Lingmai Mai, he saw a small Xu Zheng. “Kitten.” Guan Yu Chen patience of listening, Ling Maimai shouted, “If you want, I’ll pipe. If you do not want to control, then this thing will not need to pipe.” Guan Yu Chen to express their attitude is very clear, a few words have given this matter under the conclusion. “I do not want to.” Ling Maimai explained very clearly, “but it seems also true to say I’m a lawyer.” “Kitten, this world needs is compassion. Alex did what you thought it would be simple. Xu is not the case now looks as beautiful on the surface.” Guan Yu Chen micro grabbing under the facial features, said . “……” Ling Maimai looked up at Chen Guan Yu, asked, “Ah Chen, do you know everything” “You know more than a little.” Guan Yu Chen did not say too clear. “……” Ling Maimai mouth twitching under. “Well, they want to. I respect whatever you decide. Well” Said Guan Yu Chen irrelevant. Tsui recent years, Xu Zheng as the old, in fact, already bloated, and those who did not play a small Xu Xu’s idea, think of ways to be able to have hollowed out dig force, received the hands of Ling Maimai Xu, in fact, is a seemingly nice, a good foundation tattered shell on

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